Registration Pop-up and/or Projects MISSING! (Windows10)
LabPrints Windows 10 Fix/Recovery

Remote help

Use this link when you contact support so they can do a desktop sharing with you:

10/2019 - MAC Catalina Update/INCOMPATIBILITY

The Catalina update will prevent users from installing older versions of Java needed to run LabPrints software. Users will need to use time machine to revert/undo the update, use a non-Catalina Mac (Mojave,) a Windows PC/laptop, or virtual machine see: PARALLELS. Any further updates/fixes will be posted here. ALSO SEE MAC SETUP BELOW

02/2020 Storefront and Software

Online events are no longer expiring. They will need to be expired/ended manually.

When launching the program fails due to a database issue, disconnect/disable your Internet connection (airplane mode) to access the software in offline mode.

11/2019 Purchase Image button on Storefront freezes/hangs

If customers cannot click on PURCHASE IMAGE button, please create a new price list, save it to each active event, and restart the browser (or manually clear cache). The packages feature may no longer be working, and custom products may need to be used (verify and adjust the edit/order screen manually.)

11/2015 java.lang project will not open - Smartphone Images

If you add smartphone images to a project in the LightTable it will work UNTIL you close and re-open the project. THEN IT WILL NOT OPEN. The solution is to remove the EXIF data from the images before bringing them into a LabPrints. Unfortunately we are unable to repair these projects.

MAC OS Latest Setup Instructions

The steps below will also resolve the "Testing Internet Connection" and some catalog update errors.

  1. First install Java 6.xx then install LabPrints: Click here to download javaforosx.dmg
    This may need to be re-installed from time to time.
    A restart is recommended before installing LabPrints.
  2. Use the latest MacOS/OSX installers:
    Digital Studio V5: LabPrintsMacLion.dmg
    Production Studio: ProductionStudioV5.dmg
  3. You may be prompted to allow LabPrints to run as an unidentified developer.
    These settings can be adjusted within Apple > System Preferences > Security
    Additional info/screenshots:

General FAQ

How do I start using LabPrints?

First, find out if your lab works with LabPrints. You'll find a list of participating labs here. You will then download your lab's version of LP Digital Studio. This is FREE and allows you to sort, edit and group your images for presentation to your clients, and upload orders to your lab. You can also post events online for selling and proofing purposes. You will get a FREE, 30 day trial version of our album designing tools; LP Composite Designer for flush albums and LP Album Builder for matted albums. Or you can purchase these items right away. Click here for step-by-step directions on how to purchase within the software. Or call us at 1-877-233-4951, ext. 316.

Can I use LabPrints on both Windows and Mac?

Yes, we support both platforms.

Can I get a disk of the software?

We currently do not send out hard copies of our software. In the event you need to reinstall LabPrints, you will NOT be required to pay again.

I have more than one computer in my studio. Do I have to buy the software more than once?

No, you do not. Once you buy our software you will be given a password. Just download the software on your other computers and register them all with your password.

I work with more than one lab. Can I have more than one lab version of LabPrints and do I have to pay for each lab?

No, you don't have to pay more than once. Just download the software for all your labs and then register the software with your password. If you don't know your password, please contact support.

What if I don't want to send images to my lab over the internet?

LabPrints has given you the option to save the order onto a disk for your lab.

What if I want to put the software on a computer that is NOT connected to the internet?

This is possible but first you have to have access to a computer that is connected to the internet. For further instruction, please contact support.

LP Digital Studio

Does your software have the ability to do a slideshow for my clients?

Yes, you can do this with our basic, FREE software, LP Digital Studio. With LP Projection Tool, you can even add music.

Version 5

How do I get Version 5 of the software?

You will need to download the V5 installer for your lab from our downloads page.

Will Version 5 overwrite my Version 4 of Digital Studio LP?

V5 will not overwrite V4. It will install as a new program, and you will have a separate icon for V5.

Do I have to upgrade to Version 5?

No, you do not need to upgrade. V5 has some great advancements, but we will continue to support V4 of the software for bug fixes and small updates.

Is there a cost to upgrade to Version 5?

If you are not using the Album Builder or Composite Designer tools there is no cost to upgrade. If you are using either of those tools there is a cost of $75 to upgrade.

Will I be able to open my Version 4 projects in Version 5?

You will be able to open any of your V4 projects in V5 without a problem as well as V5 projects in V4.

Can I remove Version 5 if I don't want it?

Yes, you can remove V5 by running the uninstaller that comes with the application.

I just registered Version 4, do I have to pay again for Version 5?

Users who registered V4 after October 31, 2006 will get a free upgrade to V5 for any components already purchased. You will have to install V5 and then open it and select Main Menu -> Tools -> Software Registration -> Register Additional Components -> Update the Registration on this Computer.

I installed Version 5 and I don't see my Version 4 projects showing up.

Depending on your lab's setup you may need to create a new project before your old projects from V4 will show up in V5.

Online Services

Do I need to be able to process credit cards?

No. We have two different types of plans. Our Partnership Plans are for those who want us to handle credit card processing. This plan also includes our Album Review service--a great way to post your finished albums online. We also have plans for those who can process credit cards themselves. Find out more on our plans here.

Can I post my clients wedding album online for them to review with LabPrints?

Yes, absolutely. With our Album Review tool, you can post your completed matted and flush albums online. Your clients can view their albums at their leisure and post comments under each page. Plus, you will be able to view their comments online and make changes quickly. This service is only $10 a month for unlimited album design hosting.

How do I link my studio website to my LabPrints Professional Online Storefronts?

Create a link from your website to the web address you created when you signed up for LabPrints. For example, you can have a link labeled 'Recent Events' and you can direct clients to click here when they go to your website.

What is the recommended size and aspect ratio for my logo?

250x125 may work the best depending on your logo. You can upload your logo in Settings > Storefront Homepage > Studio Logo.


Do you offer any training sessions?

YES. We offer FREE online training webinars weekly. You can find the most recent schedule here.

LP Composite Designer and LP Album Builder

What's the difference between the LP Album Builder and the LP Composite Designer?

The LP Album Builder is for designing matted albums as well as laying out flush albums. We partner with many of the top album companies and represent their products in our software. The LP Composite Designer is for designing flush album pages. We provide hundreds of ready made templates, or you can design your own from scratch.


What is your refund policy for prints?

Due to the personalized nature of our products, all sales are final.