Nov 25 2014 
 Mac Lion - Manual Install Instructions
There are incompatibility issues with Mac OS 10.7 - 10.14 and LabPrints. Please follow the following steps as applicable:

Mac "Gatekeeper" prevents LabPrints from being installed on some machines. You will notice the error message that the "application is damaged" . If you are not seeing this error message, then skip this step. To fix this problem please watch this video, or follow these steps:

VIDEO Instruction for this step:

Please go to the apple menu, select system preferences, then security and privacy:
From there you can set to "anywhere" to install LabPrints on Mountain Lion.


NOTE: If you already have an old version of Production Studio on your mac, you must remove the Production Studio v5 folder from Applications/LabPrints/Production Studio v5 before installing.
NOTE: You may need to create a NEW test project with your OLD lab to have your old projects show up if upgrading to Lion or Mountain Lion.

IF YOU USE THE LABPRINTS STOREFRONT: Watch this video, and apply this easy step:

YOSEMITE: If you are on 10.10 and get a message about Java 6 not being installed, download Java 6 HERE: