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 Projects: Move, Backup, Restore, and Delete

Managing Projects

This article contains information and instructions on how to backup, restore, and delete LabPrints Projects. The delete function cannot be undone so please be sure to perform a backup before deleting a project.


A LabPrints backup file contains all of the LabPrints data within a project but does not include the original images. The file size will depend on how many images or albums are in the project as well as you proxy image resolution setting, but are generally between 30-300MB in size. We recommend that the .backup file be kept with the original images so that the project can be restored to any computer at anytime.

Additional Uses:

  • Rename projects by creating a backup and immediately restoring it.
  • Create several backups over time of ongoing design work.
  • Clean up the existing project list and make projects easier to find.

Click the Manage Projects option, under the File dropdown menu.


Under Your Projects and Project Name is a list of your available projects in the Digital Studio.

The Delete Project button will delete a currently selected project.

WARNING: Deleting a project will remove all LP Digital Studio files associated with the selected project, including order information and album designs. For this reason we recommend you delete only projects that you will NEVER use again, or projects that you have backed up, and verified that the backup restores properly.

NOTE: Your high-resolution images will not be deleted when you delete a project

The Backup Project button will backup the currently selected project.

The Restore a Backed-up Project button will restore a Backed-up project.

Managing Projects FAQ

Q: What will happen when I backup my project?

A: When you backup your project, all of its associated files will be placed in a compressed file that you can store on your hard drive or other media (e.g. CD or DVD).

Q: Will my orders and album designs be backed-up when I backup my project?

A: Yes. All orders and album designs will be backed-up as well.

Q: Will my high-resolution files be backed-up when I backup my project?

A: NO, your high-resolution files will not be included in the backup; only the internal files of the program.

Q: How do I restore a backed-up project?

A: You can restore a backed-up that you created with Digital Studio by first pressing the Restore A Backed-up Project button. This will pop-up a window allowing you to browse to the backup file you wish to restore. Once you have selected the backup file to be restored, you press the Open, or Restore button.

Q: What will happen when I restore a project?

A: Restoring a project will restore the project into your list of current projects. The album designs, orders, and other project information will be restored to their current state from the time of the backup.

Q: Will my high-resolution files be affected when I restore a project?

A: Your high-resolution files will not be deleted or modified in any way when restoring a project.

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