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 First Time User: Registration or Creating a New Account

First Time Registration


Once you have installed Digital Studio or Production Studio, double-click on the LabPrints icon to run the respective program. (for more information on downloading or installing LabPrints, click here)
You'll be presented with a screen asking you to either sign in, or create a new user account.
Creating a New Account
  1. Create a new user account by entering your studio's contact information.
    • The name on the account is going to be your LabPrints contact as well as your Storefront contact.
  2. Enter your valid e-mail address.
    • This also will become your lab's username for the account.
  3. Choose a password that you will remember. You may want to make note of your password at this time.
  4. Click Continue LabPrints Setup to continue the setup once you are ready.
  1. You will then be asked to Choose a Storefront Plan or to Skip storefront setup for now.
  2. If you choose a Storefront plan you'll need to specify a home page address and set up your billing details next.
  3. If you choose to skip this setup now you can return to it later by going to the Storefront tab and Online Account and Storefront.
Once you have complete the above process and created a LabPrints account, you can create a new project and add images to get started in Digital Studio or Production Studio.
You can also verify your username by clicking on the Storefront tab and Online Account & Storefront.

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