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 Edit Order Tab: Edit an Image, Open In External Editor, Modify, Correct

Setting up the Open In External Editor tool

LabPrints is a nondestructive program, we will not harm or modify your original images in any way. What you see in Digital Studio are low resolution thumbnail images that are just a fraction of the quality of your original images. This means that if you edit your original images outside of Digital Studio you will not see the changes made. There is a tool in Digital Studio called the Open in External Editor tool that will assist you in updating the thumbnails in Digital Studio. This tool will open your original High-Res image in an Image-Editor so you can retouch your pictures, it will then update the low-res thumbnail in LP Digital Studio so you see the most recent update.
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Setting up the Open in External Editor Tool
This tool is located in the Edit/Order tab in the top toolbar, it is represented by a paint pallet icon.
When you first click on this tool you are asked to set it up, click Locate Program.

A file browser will pop up that asks you to locate the executable file for the image editor. Most photographers are going to be setting this tool up with Adobe Photoshop, an example path would be:

  • PC: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Photoshop.exe
  • MAC: HD:/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS3/

If you do not have extensions showing on your computer, you will need to find Photoshop.

Changing the Open in External Editor Settings
If you already have the Open in External Editor tool set up, but need to change which program it is linked to, follow the steps below:
1) Click the paint pallet button in the Edit/Order tab, as shown below.
2) When the Please Wait window pops up, click the Setup button.
3) The External Editor Setup dialog box will appear, click here to jump to the rest of the setup instructions.

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