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 Allocating More Memory (MAC ONLY)
Allocating More Memory
(Mac Only, PCs automatically allocated memory in v5)
Modifying the amount of memory allocated to LP Digital Studio v5 and LP Production Studio v5 in OS X 10.4.x\10.5.x\10.6.x


1. Locate the LP Digital Studio or LP Production Studio program...


  • HD: Applications/LabPrints/Digital Studio v5
  • HD: Applications/LabPrints/Production Studio v5
2. Once you have located the application, press control and click on the application's icon, Digital Studio or Production Studio (they are turquoise LP icons). Select Show Package Contents.
3. Inside the Contents folder you will see a file named info.plist.
4. Ctrl-Click the info.plist file and select Open With, Other, Text Edit.

5. When you select Open it will open the info.plist file in the Text Edit application. To modify the amount of memory allocated to the program, scroll down all the way to the bottom of the info.plist file. At the very bottom you will see some code that says :










6. To increase the memory, change the 712M value to 1024M if you have at least 1GIG of RAM, if you do NOT have a GIG of RAM we do not recommend changing this file.

We also do not recommend raising it beyond 1024M. If you run into issues with Digital Studio or Production Studio after making these changes, reinstalling the program will reset it back to its default settings.

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