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 Installation: Downloading and Installing LabPrints

Downloading and Installing LabPrints Software


1. All current software and prior supported versions are available for download on our website.

  • If you are having trouble downloading LabPrints with Internet Explorer we recommend upgrading to IE8 or using Mozilla Firefox to download our installation program.
  • You can obtain Digital Studio here.
  • You can obtain Production Studio here.

2. After the file is downloaded, double-click on the downloaded installation file, and follow the instructions. If you receive any error messages, try downloading the installation file again. Internet Explorer may not download the entire file the first few attempts, typically for a PC user, your file should be larger than 55mb. (The Mac installer tends to vary from 15-25mb)

3. You will then be asked to log in or create a new account with LabPrints. For more information on this, please click the link below:


Below we go over how a typical download and installation would go in Internet Explorer 8:

If you are a Windows Vista or Windows 7 User, we have additional download steps here.

Once you proceed to click download now.

Find your lab in the list of labs sorted alphabetically. If you are using Internet Explorer we recommend Right-Clicking on the link and selecting Save Target As.

When it asks you where you would like to save this file, select the Desktop from the dropdown menu at the very top and click Save.
Once the download is complete, click Run and if you receive a Security Warning, click Run.
Next you will be asked to run the Setup Wizard which will bring you through the installation of Digital Studio v5. Here you basically want to select all the default settings, but we have created an animation to show you an example of a typical installation.

Once the setup is complete you can find your Digital Studio v5 icon on your desktop and double-click on it to run it (it is the turquoise icon with the LP5 in it).

You can also run the program through your Start Menu, Program Files, and LabPrints.

You will then be asked to log in or create an account with LabPrints.

If you have further trouble:

  • PC Users: Please refer to our help document on common Windows Installation Errors.
  • Mac Users: Trying downloading the program with Safari, instead of Mozilla Firefox, as Safari manages zip files more effectively.

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If you have any further questions please click here to submit a ticket, or call us at 518-274-3931.

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