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 Lost or Missing Project after Update or Upgrade

Missing Projects


If you have missing projects after a reinstallation, upgrade or restoration
LabPrints Digital Studio has several partnered Labs, which are sorted under two categories: Standard and Premier. Standard Labs all run off of one installer and Premier Labs have their own installers and a Digital Proof Designer. To find out if your lab is premier or not, you can go to our download page, which includes a star next to all of our Premier partners.
  • If you are missing projects and your lab is a Premier LabPrints Partner, all you need to do is download the latest version of Digital Studio associated with that lab, from our website.
  • If you are missing projects and your lab is a Standard LabPrints Partner, you will need to create a test project, select your lab and then run any updates that pop up. This will download and upload the lab's catalog, so the next time you launch the program, you will see all of your recent projects.
Please note: we do not recommend running any uninstallers for LabPrints. Please contact customer support if you want to remove an older version.

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