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 Installation: Reinstall, Install, Move, Restore, LP Software and Projects

Restoring or Moving LabPrints and Projects

Each studio purchases a software license which is unlocked via a username (an email address) and password. This username and password serves as your product registration which unlocks software add-ons, and also provides you with access to your LabPrints Online Storefront. Your username cannot be changed, but you can change your primary email and password through the Online Storefront's contact information section.
This process can be used to reinstall LabPrints, or when adding a new computer to your Studio.
Click here for more indepth instructions on this process with screenshots.
1. Download LabPrints Digital Studio from our website. You will have to download the correct version for your lab:
2. Install Digital Studio and any other programs you own (Go here if you run into problems installing the program).

3. The first time you run LabPrints, you will be prompted to either:


4. If you are not able to view composite templates or albums, leave the program open for 5-10 minutes and then exit and run the application.

5. If you frequently use local pricelists you will need to re-enter them by going to the Setup dropdown menu and Pricing. Local pricelists are for internal studio use and presentations only. Your Online Storefront pricelists are separate and will not be impacted.
You can transfer the LabPrints files from your old computer to your new computer:
1. Copy the contents of the folders below to an external hard drive or device:
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Username]\Labprints
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • C:\Users\[Your Username]\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Labprints

  • Mac:  Hard Drive\Users\[Your Username]\LabPrints
2. Locate this same location on your new computer/hard drive and copy (overwrite/replace/merge) the files.
  • NOTE: LabPrints does not back up your original high resolution files, so these will need to be moved or backed up separately.
  • Mac Users: When replacing a folder, OSX does not merge the old data with the new data, it will remove all old data. If you have any projects on the target computer, be sure to create backups of them before continuing with step 2 using our Manage Projects tool.
  • Vista/Windows 7 Users: If you cannot locate the AppData folder location, you will need to show invisible files. More info here.
  • Vista/Windows 7 Users: If you are missing your templates and album companies, click here for trouble shooting assistance.
3. Once you have copied your projects to the new location, you will probably need to relink the images of any project you are using before you can upload images to your storefront or print lab. Keep in mind that the LabPrints folder only stores low-resolution copies of your images, not the original high-resolution images. Click here to learn how to relink your project to its original images.

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