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 Light Table: Delete or Remove an Image

Remove an Image from a Project

How to remove an image from a project:

Option 1) You can double click on the particular image, which will pull it up in the Edit/Order tab and click the Trash can icon in the top toolbar. There is also a trash-can in the compare images screen.

Option 2) You can select all the images in the Light Table, using the Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple images. Then Right-Click (Or Ctrl-Click for Mac users) on one and select Group and Trash.
This will move the images to the Trash group, we recommend that before doing this you ensure that none of these images are in a composite or order.

After adding images to the Trash you can empty it by following these steps:
(although it is not necessary to empty the trash as these images do not take up very much hard disk space)

  1. Go to the View dropdown menu at the top

  2. Select Filing/Grouping

  3. Right-Click (Or Ctrl-Click for Mac users) in the Trash group and select Empty Trash.


NOTE: If you delete your high-res images as well they are not recoverable. We do not recommend deleting high-resolution images while using this tool.



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