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 Advanced Composite Design: Add Layer Effects in Adobe Photoshop

How to Apply Layer Effects and Styles in Photoshop

In this help document we will show you how to apply effects, like drop shows and strokes, to layers in Photoshop and then save them as styles so you can use them again.
Optional Photoshop Layer Effects:
  • Drop Shadow – Creates a shadow behind a layer.
  • Inner Shadow – Creates a shadow on top of a layer.
  • Outer Glow - Creates a glow behind a layer. Cannot be distanced like the drop shadow.
  • Inner Glow – Creates a glow on top of a layer. Again, cannot be distanced like the inner shadow.
  • Bevel and Emboss - Used to create unique highlight and shadow effects on layer.
  • Satin - Gives a layer a satin-like, glossy appearance.
  • Color Overlay - Fills a layer with a solid color.
  • Gradient Overlay - Fills a layer with a gradient.
  • Pattern Overlay - Fills a layer with a pattern.
  • Stroke - Creates an outline on a layer using a solid color, gradient, or pattern.
For one example we are going to walk you through applying a drop shadow to a layer and then saving it as a style.
  1. Click on the layer you would like to add a drop shadow to
  2. Click on the f dropdown menu and select Drop Shadow...
  3. This will bring up the Drop Shadow adjustment screen, from here you can toggle the settings until you get a drop shadow that you are satisfied with. Click OK.
  4. This will apply the custom drop shadow to your layer. Now that you have a drop shadow you like you can save it as a style for future use. Click on the New Style button in the Styles window, it looks like a piece of paper. (make sure you have your layer with the applied style still selected)
  5. Give the new style a name.
  6. Now you can click on this new style button for all of your other layers, to easily apply this drop shadow.











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