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 Light Table: Filing and Grouping, Sort and Arrange Images for all LP Features

Filing and Grouping

Filing and Grouping allows photographers to easily sort, organize, and order their images. Filing and Grouping done in the Light Table carries over to every other component of our software including our Online Storefront services. You can group your images via drag-and-drop or by control/right-clicking on an image's thumbnail preview. You will find examples of how the tool is commonly used below.
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How to Access the Filing/Grouping Tool:

Go to the View dropdown menu in the top left corner and select Filing/Grouping or click the Filing/Grouping button in the Quick Tools bar.

This will pop a filing structure to the left side of your screen. You might notice default groups such as All Images, Ranking, Ungrouped, Composite Images, Ordered Images and Trash.

You can easily sort your images from the Light Table, All Images group, into any custom groupings you might make. You can select multiple images in the Light Table by holding down the Ctrl or Shift keys (same for Mac and PC).

Default Groups:
  • All Images: All of the images in your project will remain in this group, unless they are placed in the trash.
  • Ranking, Yes, No, Maybe: These groups appear if you own the Projection Tool. You are given the option of ranking images with a Yes (star) or No (an ex). Keyboard shortcuts for Yes, No and Maybe are 1, 2 and 3. By default all images are sorted into the Maybe group.
  • Ungrouped: All images that have no been placed into custom groups are automatically added to the Ungrouped folder.
  • Ordered Images: Once you place an order and it appears in the Invoicing tab, it will also appear in the Ordered Images group.
  • Composite Images: All saved Composites will appear in the Composite Images group.
  • Trash: Images placed in the Trash will no longer appear in any groups, including All Images.
    • For more information on Trashing/Removing/Deleting images from a project, click here.
Right Click Menus:

Adding a new group:

You can add a new custom group at any time by hitting the button labeled Add Group at the top of the Filing/Grouping window.

Removing a Group:

To remove a group, click the Remove Group button at the top of the Filing/Grouping window, select the group and click the Remove button.

Adding/Removing Images within Groups:
  1. Drag an image from the Light Table and drop it into the group folder
  2. Right click on an image from the Light Table and select the Add to Group option
  3. Check off a group box in the Edit/Order tab.
How Filing and Grouping can help you in your every day workflow:


Sorting and Grouping Images for the Storefront:

The most common use of the Filing/Grouping tool is to sort images to be hosted on our Online Storefront.

Once you have your images separated into groups, say chronologically for a wedding or by grade or class for school photos, you can host them in any order you would like online.

To the left we show you what the Image upload step looks like from the back end and below we show you what your client would see online.

For more information on Storefront grouping, click here.

Presentation Groups for the Slide Show

If you normally do slideshow presentations for your clients, the Filing/Grouping tool can help streamline this workflow. You can create new group called Presentation, then view that group and run the Slide Show from it. This way you can present your best 100-200 images in events that may have over 1000 images.

Some photographers who also utilize the Storefront might call such a group Photographer's Picks.

Easily Reviewing Ordered Images
When reviewing crops for Storefront orders or even A La Carte orders, you can streamline your workflow by accessing the Ordered Images group in Filing/Grouping. This group will automatically contain every image that is ordered in the Invoicing tab.
To easily preview the crops from the Ordered Images group, select that group from the Filing/Grouping window, go to the Edit/Order tab and scroll through the images. To scroll through your Ordered Images, you can use the directional arrows on the toolbar or the current image dropdown, as shown below.
Presentation Groups for the LP Projection Tool
If you use the LP Projection Tool, you can also sort your images for your Projection presentation, as you might for your Slide Show presentation.

Once you have a group set up for your Projection presentation, you can access it through the Images tab in the Projection tool, under the Image Groups dropdown.

For more information on the LP Projection Tool, click here.

Client Picks or Album Picks for the LP Composite Designer
Easily sort your client picks or photographer picks for your flush album designs in the LP Composite Designer.
Client Picks or Album Picks for the LP Album Builder

If your client submitted album picks for a matted album design in the Album Builder, you can sort those using Filing/Grouping so designing your albums is easier.

If you are laying out a flush album design in the Album Builder, you can view the Composite Images group in the Light Table to make assembling that album easier.

Link to our knowledgebase articles on the Album Builder.

Condensing Orders for the Batch Order Tool

The Batch Order tool can help you create large orders of horizontal and/or square prints sizes. The most common uses of this tool include ordering flush album pages and large proof orders.

The Filing/Grouping tool can assist you in streamlining these orders.

Our knowledgebase article on Batch Ordering flush or composite albums.

Sorting Albums for the Album Review Hosting Service
When uploading albums for proofing using the Album Review Hosting service, the Filing/Grouping tool can assist you in organizing these albums in each project.
Organizing Images for the Export Image Group Tool
If you use the Export Image Group tool to export images from Digital Studio, you can use the Filing/Grouping tool to organize those images.
Organizing Images for the Proof Order Tool

When selecting images for the Proofing Designer, you are asked to select which groups you'd like to use in your Proof Book.

You can create and organize these groups using the Filing/Grouping tool prior to creating your Proof Book.

Sorting Aligner Images for the LP Image Aligner
If you use the Image Aligner and have images in projects that are designated for that tool, the Filing/Grouping tool can help you organize them. This way those images are easy to find when you are ready to do your image merge.

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