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 Light Table: Relink Images, External Drive, Original Images Moved or Archived

Relinking Images

The Light Table Toolbox

After creating your LabPrints project you may move your images from your local hard drive as part of your daily workflow. Since LabPrints needs these images in order to upload to the Storefront, Open in External Editor, to send Lab Orders or to export to High Resolution via the Production Studio, you may be prompted to locate these images. If you locate the images via this fashion, they will not be permanently relinked. In this document we will go over how to permanently relink your images using the toolbox in the Light Table tab.
Common places where you will see unlinked images (click to view larger)
Unable to located high-resolution image file while submitting a lab order.
Unable to locate high resolution images while uploading images to the storefront.
The Light Table Toolbox

The red toolbox can be found in the Light Table tab in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you click on this button, proceed to the Relink tab.


To proceed in telling LabPrints where the high resolution images are located:

  1. Click the New Location button
  2. Locate where the images are via the file browser and click Relink to Directory
  3. Once this has been done, click Process.
  4. LabPrints will now tell you which images were successfully relinked and which ones were not.
    • Ignore any files with the .comp extension.
    • You can repeat the relink process for other missing images; LabPrints will always remember the last successful location.
    • (if you have multiple folders of images, relink them one at a time)



Tips & Tricks:

  • On a PC you can highlight the report and copy and paste it into a text editor
  • If you have edited the images outside of LabPrints, you should run our batch thumbnail update utility by right clicking (control-click on mac) on the All Images folder within the Filing/Grouping utility and selecting Update Thumbnails from Originals.
  • If you reset your image count for each shoot within your cameras and do not use unique filenames within LabPrints between projects; please be very careful not relink to another folder containing the same image names.




(an example of the .comp files appearing unlinked--they should be ignored)


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