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 Light Table: tools, sorting, compare, slide show, renaming, relinking

The Light Table

The Light Table is where you can view the images you imported for a project. You can perform several tasks from this view. You can customize how the light table looks, rename, relink, and print contact sheets of your images.

The above image shows the Projection button. This will only appear if you have purchased and registered the Projection Tool software add-on/component.
  1. View Groups: Here you can select which group of images you want to view. The default view is All Images.
  2. Rotating Images: You can easily rotate one or multiple images. This is done by selecting one ore multiple images, and by clicking on the corresponding rotate arrow. Standard Control, Shift, and Alt combinations will work along with your mouse when selecting image(s).
  3. Slide Show: Clicking on the Slide Show button brings up a slide show of the image group currently being displayed in the Light Table. You can exit the slide show at anytime by pressing the ESC key.
  4. Compare: By selecting one to six images, you bring up the compare tool, which allows you to compare images up close and full screen.
  5. Projection
  6. The Red Toolbox: Clicking here brings up several different handy tools: Sort, Rename, Relink and Print.
  7. Image Aligner

The Red Toolbox
(found in the top right-hand corner of the Light Table tab)


Allows you to sort between Date and Time Shot, and Image Name; ascending or descending

Allows you to rename your images in LP Digital Studio, and your original high resolution files.


If the folder path of your original images changes, this utility will update LabPrints with the new file location.

Allows you to print contact sheets (indexes) of your Light Table images.

The Slide Show Tool

The Slide Show tool allows you to display your images in a slide show, one by one. The Projection Tool add-on adds music to your presentation as well (.mp3 and .wav files are supported).
See the System Preferences menu for options on setting up your slide show presentations.

Buttons at the top (from left to right) are Previous, Pause, Stop, Next, Audio (Volume/Mute)

The Compare Tool

  1. Number of Images Displayed: Select how many images you would like to display (1-6)
  2. Magnifying Glass: Just like a loupe, this tool will magnify the area under your mouse for proofing details
  3. Group: Displays only images in the group you have selected, the default is All Images
  4. B&W and Sepia: Toggles black and white and sepia previews of each image.
  5. Ranking: (Available only to Projection Tool owners) Used to rank images into the Yes/No/Maybe groups
    (You can also use the 1/2/3 keyboard keys for no/maybe/yes respectively)
  6. Images: Allows you to switch between images without leaving the Compare Tool
  7. Left and Right Arrows: Allows you to scroll between images in sequence.

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