Standardized LabPrints partner page implementation

The LabPrints partner page provides uniform content for your customers. The partner page is hosted on the LabPrints server and presented through your website so that visitors to your site will never need to navigate away in order to get the information about LabPrints that they need.

LabPrints updates the partner page content regularly to ensure that all the latest information about training opportunities and content are available to your photographer customers when they need them. Here's what your users will find on the partner page:

  • Promotional content over which you have control
  • A link to download your version of LabPrints Digital Studio
  • Product and service information
  • Webinar schedules and enrollment links
  • Links to training videos

The links below show example implementations of the LabPrints partner page:

Recommended Implementation

LabPrints recommends that you use an IFRAME to present the partner page content on your website. This approach will allow you to easily contain the content within an area your choosing, while ensuring that web crawlers and bots are able to locate the content on your domain so that search engines can index the information and associate it with your website.

The HTML below illustrates an example of how the IFRAME code may appear on your website nested within a table:

<TABLE width="670">
<IFRAME src="" width=670 height=2000 frameborder=0 scrolling=NO

Content Page address:

The labPrints partner page is designed to be inserted into either a FRAME or IFRAME with a width of 670px. The height of the page can vary depending upon the content of the page. When using an IFRAME to contain the content, a height of 2000px should accommodate most variations in page content.

Additional references on implementing IFRAMEs.

Link Parameters

The LabPrints Partner page accepts several variable which control the behavior of the partner page. Proper configuration of the page through the use of the page variables is necessary to ensure correct download links and formatting is applied to the page.

Premier labs only
default = download

Premier labs wishing to direct their clients to their specific branded version of LP Digital Studio should set the value of lab to the identifier for the specific lab. Applies only to premier labs only. Please contact LabPrints customer support to obtain your labs download identifier if you do not know it.


Standard lab:
Premier lab:

Please note the effect the lab setting has on URL associated with the download button on the partner page.


{ left, center, right } default = center

Specifies the alignment of the content within the containing IFRAME.


{ URL } default =

Used to specify the graphic content which appears at the top of the document. When absent the default LabPrints header graphic displays as indicated above. Custom graphic content should be sized to a width of 670px to match the partner content page.

Two examples which show the effect of the header parameter are shown below


{ URL } default = blank

Used to reference a file containing custom HTML for display on the partner page for the purposes of lab specific promotion and information related to LabPrints. Please refer to the example below to see some examples of this functionality.